Truck Financing Specialists have been offering truck repair financing solutions for nearly 20 years.

Many owner operators find out the hard way just how expensive it can be to maintain a commercial truck. Often times truck drivers are one breakdown away from a potentially catastrophic break in business. Truck Financing Specialists can help provide the truck repair financing you need to get you over that hump. Whether your looking for small repairs, a complete inframe, or a whole new engine out of the crate we can help. As far as credit goes we don't have a minimum credit score. We base our approvals on the equity in the truck. We can entertain up to about 50% of the realistic market value of the truck. If the repairs cost more than that we can strengthen the transaction with additional collateral. Give us a call for more information.

Truck Repair Financing For Bad Credit

Regardless of your financial or credit situation, there may be options. These hard to finance situations are our specialty and if you've been turned down elsewhere, give us a call. We will work diligently with you to come up with a solution to your truck repair financing needs.

We at Truck Financing Specialists know that if you are not making the miles, you are not making money, so prompt truck repair financing is a must. At the same time, it often is the struggling trucker who may not have ready cash for repairs or who has a less than stellar credit rating who can use our help the most.

That is because we work so hard to find ways we can help those who may have been turned down at other companies for truck repair financing. Our effort is all about being the helpful lender you can turn to, even if you have experienced financial difficulties in the past. We are well aware that other lenders can put up roadblocks to you if you ever have:

Filed for bankruptcy
Had property repossessed
Suffered with low credit scores
Owed tax liens
Had high debt compared with income
And more

Bring your problems to one of our financing experts and watch their creativity at work. In addition to lending based on the current market value of the rig, we can search out other collateral that can qualify as backing to pay for your repairs and get you back out on the road. These can include other assets you own such as:

Heavy equipment
Real estate equity
Titles you own outright on other commercial trailers and trucks
Titles to valuable personal vehicles
Cash down of 50 percent of the loan
Collateral offered by co-signers.

Once we work to settled on terms and approve your loan, you can begin to see other benefits you can realize from our truck repair financing. Some of these may surprise you:

Payment plans that will fit your budget for better cash flow.
Easy payment terms that can be as long as 36 months.
High loan amounts available.
Payments that can be 100 percent tax deductible.

So contact us when you need to get fast, fully funded repairs to your truck. Let us get you back behind the wheel and not behind an eight ball of debt.

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We at Truck Financing Specialists have been helping truckers for nearly 20 years secure the financing they need to start and grow their businesses. Folks with less than perfect credit are our specialty and to us, no situation is outside of the realm of possibility.