Truck Financing Specialists have been offering 18 wheeler financing for nearly 20 years.

18 wheeler financing can be difficult for folks with bad credit, or for those who haven't had enough time to build any credit. Truck Financing Specialists can help. The high cost of purchasing an 18 wheeler combined with the strict credit requirements make it difficult to start or build the trucking business you want. Don't let these difficult hurdles stop you. Let us help you secure the 18 wheeler financing you are looking for.

18 Wheeler Financing For Bad Credit

Having less than perfect credit can make it nearly impossible to get financed for an 18 wheeler. Not getting financed can make it difficult to make a living. We believe that everyone deserves a chance at making a decent income. This is why we work so hard to help those with bad credit get the 18 wheeler financing they are looking for. You can apply online or get pre-approved over the phone. Just give us a call today and let us know what your wanting to do. Most people will get pre-approved first and than look for a truck. This way your financing can be in place and waiting for you once you find the truck your looking for.

We have dealt with many people who have low credit scores, because we realize that these people are not a risk to our business. All these people need is the opportunity to prove themselves. For almost two decades, we have provided financing to numerous truckers with virtually zero credit, and enabled them to successfully launch their businesses.

Credit scores over a minimum amount are not required to qualify for our 18 wheeler financing services. We aim to give as many people as possible the chance to generate an income from driving. This way, we can recoup the investment we make and you can fulfill your business ambitions.

Here are three excellent reasons to use TFS 18 wheeler financing:

•Bespoke truck financing agreements enable you to organize payments to satisfy the requirements of your company.
•You will get a dedicated account specialist to help you maximize the benefits of your financing agreement.
•No age restrictions are imposed on the equipment that can be financed. We realize that you know best what equipment is most suitable for your company.

Throughout America, on a daily basis, truckers transport the goods and food that keep the country afloat. At TFS, we appreciate that truck driving is an integral part of making merchandise accessible to the ordinary American - in all areas of the country.

Bear in mind that your success is our top priority. We have become industry leaders by assisting people like you, and have a good reputation with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to show for it. Our application procedure is straightforward, and will put you on the right track immediately. You just have to complete our user friendly online application form. Alternatively, you can telephone us to make your application. Remember that we make every effort to approve financing for you, and will pull out all the stops to resolve any obstacles that arise.

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We at Truck Financing Specialists have been helping truckers for nearly 20 years secure the financing they need to start and grow their businesses. Folks with less than perfect credit are our specialty and to us, no situation is outside of the realm of possibility.