Truck Financing Specialists have been offering truck and trailer leasing solutions for nearly 20 years.

Looking for truck and trailer leasing? At the Truck Financing Specialists we do not go by a credit score. If you have had bad credit in the past and can't get approved elsewhere we can help. We can help truckers with past BK's, repo's, and other credit issues get the truck and trailer leasing they need to start or grow their business. Also, you can get approved beforehand so you know your financing is in place before you go shopping for a truck. We can even split the transaction if your buying a truck and one place and the trailer at another we can just cut two checks under one transaction. We work to make it easy for you.

Truck and Trailer Leasing For Bad Credit

If you have been turned down elsewhere, Truck Financing Specialists may still be able to help. We specialize in bad credit situations and have an approach that can get you approved when other places cannot. Give us a chance to help you secure the truck and trailer lease you are looking for.

If you are currently considering your truck and trailer leasing options, it is important to look for a company that specializes in what you need. After all, not every person's situation and needs are the same. Many leasing companies will not even consider a person who has less than optimal credit. In this case, choosing a company that specializes in bad credit leases can help make the entire process of leasing easier and more successful.

We can serve your truck and trailer leasing needs, even in the case of:

- Low credit scores
- Previous bankruptcies
- Past repossessions
- High debt to tax ratio
- Tax liens
- Other personal finance situations that have caused leasing issues for you in the past

Our approach is different from many other leasing companies. Instead of focusing primarily on credit scores, we utilize a collateral-based approach. This can improve your chances of getting a lease approved. For example, you may have a free and clear title on another commercial truck, trailer, piece of heavy equipment, or personal vehicle. Real estate equity is another factor that we look at when considering a lease. If you do not have collateral that can be used, we can accept a co-signer's collateral. Or, we can accept half down in lieu of collateral.

As you can see, we offer you many ways to achieve the truck and trailer leasing you need in order to start or grow your business. We can help when other leasing companies cannot. If other leasing companies you have tried have not been able to fulfill your needs, contact us today. We pride ourselves on being able to think "outside the box" when it comes to servicing the financing needs of our clients. We look for possibilities within any situation, instead of looking reasons to turn down a person's leasing request.

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We at Truck Financing Specialists have been helping truckers for nearly 20 years secure the financing they need to start and grow their businesses. Folks with less than perfect credit are our specialty and to us, no situation is outside of the realm of possibility.