Truck Financing Specialists have been offering commercial truck leasing solutions for nearly 20 years.

Commercial truck leasing can be one of the easiest ways into becoming an owner opporator. At Truck Financing Specialists we provide a comprehensive group of commercial truck leasing services that can fit almost anyone's credit situation, regardless of where you are buying the truck.

Commercial Truck Leasing For Bad Credit

Credit issues? Been turned down already? You have come to the right place. We specialize in working with people with less than perfect credit. Our collateral based approach creates additional equity in the deal to increase the likelihood of being approved for the commercial truck lease you are looking for. Call us today or apply for your commercial truck lease online now.
Our commercial truck leasing is a lease purchase approach meaning you get all the tax benefits of leasing a truck yet you will own it free and clear at the end of your payments. You can even pay the truck off early without a penalty after nine months. Tax benefits combined with ownership, the best of both worlds.

If you are just starting out as an owner-operator, commercial truck leasing allows you to obtain a truck and start your business. Leasing also creates a cost-effect way for an existing trucking business to add a truck to your fleet and expand your operation. You make a smaller upfront investment of your business' capital when you lease. In return you get consistent fixed monthly payments. Monthly upkeep and maintenance costs can be built into your lease payment and that makes it much easier for you to create an accurate budget then forecast your potential profits. Another advantage is your lease payments are usually lower than if you purchased the truck outright. You can conserve your operating cash and then pay as you go. And your lease is a deductible business expense.

Leasing can also improve your credit history and your standing with banks and your suppliers. With fixed truck costs, your cash may be used for keeping up with accounts payable and improving your business' bottom line. You don't have to worry about your interest rate going up either. Leasing helps you keep your costs controlled. Making your payments on time until the lease is complete also helps rebuild a low credit score, or actually establish credit if your business is new.

Truck Financing Specialists Offers Financing That Works for You

With almost two decades of financing experience, we pride ourselves on contributing to our customers' successes. Whether you are ready to start a business or want to grow your existing business, you might want to consider commercial truck leasing instead of an outright purchase. With our collateral based approach your ability to get the approval you need for financing is increased. Let us help you with the financing you need to realize your dreams.

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We at Truck Financing Specialists have been helping truckers for nearly 20 years secure the financing they need to start and grow their businesses. Folks with less than perfect credit are our specialty and to us, no situation is outside of the realm of possibility.