Truck Financing Specialists have been offering commercial truck financing solutions for nearly 20 years.

Starting a trucking business or trying to keep one going can be very expensive. On top of that, qualifying for the commercial truck financing your looking for is a feat in itself. That is where we come in. Truck Financing Specialists will work with any credit situation to help you secure the commercial truck financing you are looking for.

Owner Operator Commercial Truck Financing For Bad Credit.

If you are looking for the freedom that owning your own truck offers but have been unsuccessful securing a loan, Truck Financing Specialists can help. We specialize in working with less than perfect credit situations to help you secure the commercial truck financing you are looking for. Remember our program is based on additional collateral, not credit so your low credit score will not keep you from getting approved. We can take other commercial trucks or free and clear real estate for collateral. If you don't have additional collateral we can still help if you can put half down.

Dealer Commercial Truck Financing.

Whether your are an established trucker or startup, we offer a comprehensive group of commercial truck financing solutions. We will work with any credit situation. Good credit, bad credit, or no credit, we can help you grow your trucking business when no one else will.

We can help you get the financing you need for a new commercial truck purchase, but we also finance commercial truck leases as well. Depending on your particular business needs, you may want financing for a commercial truck lease or even leases on other expensive equipment you might need to grow your business and handle different jobs. Our approach to commercial truck financing for leases is to offer you a lease purchase. This provides you with all the tax benefits of leasing a truck but then you own it free and clear when you have completed all your payments. When you need to lease a commercial truck or a truck/ trailer, we're here to help. We also finance leases for semis, dump trucks, bucket trucks and repairs on your commercial truck(s).

Help with Overcoming Past Credit Problems

To provide the financing you need to start, grow, or maintain your commercial trucking business, we'll work with you regardless of your low credit rating or other financial problems. Newcomers with no established credit can get financing through our collateral based approach. Sometimes a credit problem is created by a high debt to income ratio. A low credit score can be overcome, including cases where it is caused by any repossession in your past or a prior bankruptcy. Even a tax lien doesn't have to be an insurmountable obstacle. We can help you get the financing you want and need. Whether your collateral is a free and clear title to other valuable vehicles, trailers and heavy equipment; or equity in real estate, we will work with you on your financing. Collateral from a cosigner is also acceptable.

All Kinds of Commercial Truck Financing

For almost two decades Truck Financing Specialists has worked with individual owner/operator truckers, commercial trucking companies, and dealers to assist our customers with their financing needs. We are committed to helping customers that others will not.

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We at Truck Financing Specialists have been helping truckers for nearly 20 years secure the financing they need to start and grow their businesses. Folks with less than perfect credit are our specialty and to us, no situation is outside of the realm of possibility.